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Leo Giron/Antonio Somera

Scholarship Program

Every year youth from the Stockton area apply for Scholarship Awards from Bahala Na Martial Arst Association. 2023 Recipients Ayden Kotez Ben Limpin III Triston Ureta

Worldwide Fundraising Events

Bahala Na Gives Back
July 29, 2023 Bahala Na Clubs around the world held fundraisers in support of Master Frank Buechner of Hamburg, Germany. Master Frank was severly injured in an accident in April. All funds from the events will go directly to Master Frank to support medical and living cost while he recovers. Bahala Na members are a family that support each other and the communites they reside in. GME Giron left a legacy of community support and involvement that all memebers work to live up to and give back when and where possible.
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Coming Soon
Twice a year, we hold our Affilate Camps. These camps are open to all members of Bahala Na Martial Arts Association around the world and the public. Workshops are taught by the Masters and Guros in attendance. Students who are ready to test, do so under the expert supervision of one of our three Masters. Camps are an opportunity for fellowship, for growing as an organization, and for strengthening the bonds that tie us. We share the art and legacy of GME Giron and GGM Somera. Camps are help the first weekend of April and October every year.

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Message from the Master

Master Kirk McCune

Bi-Annual Affiliate Camps

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